As most of you probably remember, the year 1972 saw the release of MAZES & MINOTAURS, the first ever-published fantasy roleplaying game, opening a new era of heroic adventure and mythic odysseys…

Fifteen years later, in 1987, Legendary Games Studio published a fully revised, streamlined and expanded version of M&M (which became known as Revised Mazes & Minotaurs or RM&M for short) in the form of three core books (the Players Manual, the Maze Masters Guide and the massive Creature Compendium) and a fourth optional book (the M&M Companion), all with full-color covers and quality B&W interior art.

In 2007, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this mythic event, the resurrected Legendary Games Studio is happy to bring you Revised Mazes & Minotaurs in PDF format (yes, the whole four books !)FOR FREE.

All you have to do is to right-click and select "save as" on the images or on the download links below.

Revised M&M Rulebooks

Warning: the PDF files of the four M&M rulebooks are quite heavy and may take some time to download - but, hey, they're FREE !

Players Manual: 50 pages; covers character creation and advancement, combat, magic and adventuring !

Maze Masters Guide
: 50 pages; includes mythic lore, GMing tips, creatures, adventure creation and more !

Creature Compendium: 127 pages; detailed stats for more than 200 creatures, each with its own illustration !

M&M Companion: 50 pages; additional rules and new options to expand your M&M games !

2012 Update: 2 pages; be sure to read this if you downloaded the game before the Spring of 2012.
Other Official M&M Material

Each of the following links leads to a new html page (click directly on the green title).

Character Record Sheets:
A choice of stylish character sheets for your Revised M&M adventurers.

Maze Master's Aegis: The indispensable GM screen in glorious color.

Maps of Mythika: Splendid maps of the official, legendary M&M world !

Minotaur Quarterly: The official, free M&M webzine !

Minotaur Classics: Compiled stuff from the page of the Minotaur webzine - including adventures, new rules etc.

Tomb of the Bull King: A high-level mega-module for M&M - myriads of monsters, tons of traps, hours of play !

Vikings & Valkyries: An alternate setting for M&M - including new rules, new creatures etc.

In the Labyrinth: Various M&M-related links.

FAQ: Some Frequently Asked Questions about Mazes & Minotaurs (and their answers, of course).

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1987 was the Year of the Minotaur… 2007 will be the Year of the Minotaur's Rebirth !