Adventures & articles compiled from the pages of the Minotaur


Into the Woods

Three low-level adventures set in forests. Contains Fury of the BoarmenTemple of the Black Goat and The Green Minotaur.

Tales of the Middle Sea
Three maritime adventures and a mysterious island. Contains The Trident of Rhana, The Lost Lair of Laodice, A Dark Alliance,  and The Isle of Tempests.

Against Atlantis!
An epic adventure trilogy. Contains The Wisdom of Stones, Black Chains of the Earth and Wrath of the Sea Witch.

More Tales of the Middle Sea
Two more maritime adventures and an epic campaign plot. Contains Seven Days to War, The Serpent of Proteus and The Quest for Prince Argan.


Triremes & Tritons  New updated & expanded 2012 version!  
Includes four new character classes (Tritons, Tritonides, Delphins & Mariners), undersea adventuring, Oceanids, marine bestiary and mythic items, naval warfare rules and background on islands and colonies.

M&M Miscellanea New updated 2012 version!
Variants, options & additions - including two new classes (Healers & Pankratiasts), new unarmed combat & marksmanship options, optional rules for tricks & stratagems, a Fate points system, alternate rules for advancement and a few other things...

Atlas of Mythika

The Three Cities
A detailed Gazetteer for the cities of Thena, Heraklia and Argos, the glorious bastions of Minean civilization.

The Untamed North
A detailed look at the Barbarians of Hyperborea (plus a few local creatures!) and the Amazons of, well, Amazonia.

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