MINOTAUR (a.k.a Minotaur Quarterly) is the official webzine of the Mazes & Minotaurs revival - and like all other M&M products, it's 100% free !  Each issue comes in PDF format, with new creatures, new mythic items, additional rules, never-before-published background material, articles for Maze Masters, adventure scenarios and more !

As usual, all you have to do is to right-click and select "save as" on the images or download links below. Warning : the files are quite heavy and may take some time to download - but, hey, they're FREE !


Issue 1: Wonders & Perils of the Sea
 (Fall 2007)
The Sea is an important part of M&M adventuring and is the central theme of this double-sized first issue, with not one but two adventures, marine mythic items, an underwater bestiary, naval warfare rules, a feature article on undersea adventures and plenty of other stuff for 44 pages of M&M goodness !  Download

Issue 2: Noble Heroes & Various Stuff  (Spring 2008)
This double-sized, 46-page issue includes two complete scenarios, a Gazetteer of the Three Cities, detailed game stats for two of Mythika's greatest living heroes (Theseos of Thena and Tharsus of Heraklia), a variant version of the Noble class and plenty of other stuff, including new creatures and mythic items !  Download

Issue 3: Amazons, Myth & Magic (Fall 2008)
This double-sized, 48-page issue includes two complete scenarios, background material and alternate rules for Amazons and tons of magical or mythical stuff - including new creatures and mythic items, heroic NPCs, variant rules and a new character class, the Beastmaster. Download

Issue 4: Spirit of Adventure (Winter 2008-2009)
This double-sized, 50-page issue includes a complete epic adventure, background material on the kingdom of Umbria, alternate powers for Lyrists, optional rules for magicians, an article on tricks and stratagems, an article on recycling ideas from fantasy classics, heroic NPCs and the usual new creatures and mythic items. Download

Issue 5: Desert Kingdom Special (Summer 2009)
This double-sized, 57-page issue takes you to the Desert Kingdom, Mythika's equivalent of ancient Egypt, with a massive 50-page feature on the land of pyramids, mummies and weird beast-headed deities. Includes two scenarios, a fully-detailed gazetteer, new creatures and mythic items, optional rules etc. Download

Issue 6: Heroes, Horrors & Hyperborea (Fall 2009)
This double-sized, 55-page issue includes a complete gazetteer on Hyperborea, home of the northern Barbarians, two adventures, a special feature on the fine art of designing new creatures for M&M, eldritch lore on the darker deities of Mythika, as well as the usual assortment of new creatures, mythic items and optional rules. Download

Issue 7: Mega-sized Third Anniversary Issue (February 2010)
This truly monumental (80 pages !) issue includes a complete, very detailed gazetteer on the exotic southern land of Midia, two adventures, scenario synopses, an article on Divine Intervention, a big section on Minotaurs (with new Minotaur sub-species, optional rules and even Minotaur-themed mythic items) and various other stuff. Download

Issue 8: The Land of the Sun & Three Other Themes (September 2010)
This 60+ page issue includes a complete detailed gazetteer on the Land of the Sun, two complete adventures, two optional classes (Pankratiasts & Sacred Healers), optional rules on unarmed combat, medical mythic items, new tricks for Elementalists, a variant system for feats of strength, new creatures etc. Download

Issue 9: Centaurs, Vikings & Monsters! (Spring 2011)
This 70+ page issue includes a gazetteer on the Centaurs of Sicania, an epic adventure set in a hitherto unknown part of Mythika, new abilities for creatures, optional rules for flying creatures and plenty of other wondrous M&M stuff - including a special Vikings & Valkyries section with a complete adventure, mythic items and more! Download

Issue 10: Charybdis, the Middle Sea & More!
(February 2012)
Giant-sized (100+ pages!) issue with a mega-section on Charybdis, the Dark Continent of Mythika, including a complete gazetteer, Charybdian adventurers, creatures, magic and mythic items and an epic adventure; also includes a bonus dossier on the Middle Sea, islands & colonies and some new marine creatures! Download

Issue 11: Seriphos, Ancient Knowledge & More! (September 2013)
This 70+ page issue includes a detailed gazetteer of the island of Seriphos, cradle of the Minean civilization, studies on Mythika's languages and mythic history, new creatures and mythic items, a new character class (Archaeologists) and rules for playting Satyrs, expanded mysterious islands tables and two complete adventures!   Download

Issue 12: Kandaria, Urban Adventuring & More! (March 2016)
This final issue includes a detailed gazetteer of Kandaria, the City of Dreams (and thieves), the Assassin class, fascinating background material on the history and cosmology of Mythika, new creatures, new mythic items, plenty of optional rules (including Beastmen character classes!) and two complete adventures!  Download


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