Classic Map of Mythika : A splendid, full-color map of the Known World, by Christopher  (PDF). 

From Middle Earth to Middle Sea
: A "Lord of the Rings" style map of Mythika, by Apeloverage  (huge JPEG image).

Big Map of Mythika : Another splendid, full-color map, by Emmanuel Roudier; includes some "Terra Incognita" (PDF).

Maze Master's Map
: A colossal, hex-grided, multi-part, full color map of Mythika, by Emmanuel Roudier (9 page PDF !).

Land of the Three Cities
: A B&W, square-grided campaign map, by Emmanuel Roudier (PDF).

First Map of Mythika : Original B&W old school map by Paul Elliott, from the very first edition of M&M (PDF).